Birdwatching Northern Belize

Birdwatching Northern Belize offers a seven-day birding tour tailored to the rich avian diversity and wildlife of the northern regions. Explore renowned destinations such as La Milpa Forest Station, Lamanai Archaeological Site, and Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, all nestled within areas preserving both natural wonders and cultural heritage. This birding adventure in Belize promises exceptional opportunities for photography enthusiasts.


7 Days, 6 Nights

Group Size

Minimum 2 people



Comfort Level

Standard to Luxury

Resume of the program

  • Day 1: Arrival – La Milpa Forest Station
  • Day 2: La Milpa Forest Station
  • Day 3: La Milpa Forest Station
  • Day 4: Lamanai Archaeological Site – Crooked Tree
  • Day 5: Crooked Tree Sanctuary
  • Day 6: Crooked Tree Sanctuary
  • Day 7: Back Home
La Milpa Forest Station

La Milpa Forest Station is a rustic lodge in the vast 260,000-acre research area known as the Rio Bravo Conservation Area. It shelters around 390 bird species, 75 percent unique to Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula. This dense broadleaf forest, located in North Western Belize, ranks among Belize’s prime birding hotspots.

Keep your eyes peeled for species like the Grey-throated Chat and Rose-throated Tanager while exploring the extensive network of trails at La Milpa. You might also spot sightings of Ocellated Turkey, Yucatan Poorwill, Lovely Cotinga, Crested Guan, Great Curassow, and Barred Forest Falcon.

Lamanai Reserve

This remote location on the New River lagoon boasts almost 400 species of birds documented within a 3-mile radius. The area is Belize’s premier birding location. Habitats range from vast wetlands and broadleaf forests to pine savannah, and all are easily accessible.

A Spotlight Safari provides a fantastic opportunity to see roosting waders, nocturnal, and some of the more elusive diurnal species up close and personal. Regular sightings include the Yucatan Nightjar, Northern Potoo, Common Pauraque and Nighthawk, Grey-necked Wood-Rail, Sungrebe, and Agami Heron.

Some species that inhabit this reserve are Black-Collared Hawk, Northern Jacana, Mangrove Swallow, Olive-Throated Parakeet, American Pygmy Kingfisher, Red Lored Parrot, Blue-crowned Mot-mot, Collared Aracari Toucan, Lineated and Pale-Billed Woodpeckers, and Black-Headed and Violaceous Trogons, Yucatan Jay, Yucatan Flycatcher, Yucatan Woodpecker, Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Azure-crowned hummingbird, Yellow-headed Parrot, White-tailed Hawk, Gray-throated Chat, Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, Botteri’s Sparrow, and Jabiru.

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

This area is of international importance for migratory birds as they flock to the lagoons during the wet season, and food is difficult to find in other areas. Non-migratory birds also find this area essential; various species are here. In 1998, Belize designated this area as its first Ramsar site.

This location offers excellent birdwatching opportunities on land and the water in its tributaries. Seek out the Bare-throated Tiger, Sungrebe, Jabiru, Wood-storks, Black-collared Hawk, and the American Pygmy Kingfisher. In the pine and hardwood forest habitats, seek out the endangered Yellow-headed Parrot among other migratory and resident breeds.

Itinerary of Belize Birding Expedition

Day 1: Arrival

Upon arrival at Philip Goldson International Airport, our welcoming representative will greet you and escort you to Bird’s Eye View Lodge. After checking in, enjoy an afternoon of birdwatching near the lodge, then dinner and an overnight stay at Bird’s Eye View Lodge.

Day 2: Crooked Tree / Lamanai

Start your day early with a sunrise lagoon boat tour at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, a premier birding spot. Experience the excitement of the Birding Boat Trip, navigating through various waterways to spot birds like the Agami Heron, Boat-billed Heron, and Jabiru Stork. After a late breakfast, transfer to Lamanai Outpost Lodge for an afternoon birding session, dinner, and overnight stay.

Day 3: Lamanai

Post-breakfast, explore the enigmatic, jungle-covered Lamanai Ruins, observing various birds amidst the Mayan City. Lamanai, set on the New River Lagoon banks, is a major Mayan ceremonial center surrounded by a forest rich in bird species and wildlife. Enjoy lunch, an afternoon birding tour along Lamanai trails, dinner, and another night at Lamanai Outpost Lodge, including a night excursion.

Day 4: Hidden Valley

Embark on an early birding tour at Lamanai Outpost Lodge, breakfast, and a transfer to Hidden Valley. En route, visit Green Hills Butterfly Ranch & Botanical Collection, where hummingbirds, including the White-necked Jacobin and Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, are the stars. Check-in at Hidden Valley Inn for an afternoon birding walk, dinner, and overnight stay.


Day 5: Birding at Hidden Valley

Enjoy early coffee while watching birds at the feeder, followed by breakfast. Then, venture into the Mountains of Western Belize in search of raptors like the Orange Breasted Falcon. Lunch precedes an afternoon birding tour through various trails, exploring pine forests and scrub areas. Dinner at Hidden Valley Inn and a night of adventure-seeking Stygian Owls conclude the day.

Day 6: Caracol Archaeological Site

An early start takes you to the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the Ancient Mayan City of Caracol, with birdwatching opportunities for species like the keel-billed Motmot. Dinner and another night’s stay at Hidden Valley Inn follow.

Day 7: Tikal National Park

After breakfast at the lodge, transfer to Tikal National Park, with birdwatching stops along the way. Check-in at the lodge, lunch, and a sunset birding tour at Tikal National Park awaits, where you’ll seek species like the Orange-breasted Falcon and Ocellated Turkey. Dinner and overnight stay at Tikal.

Day 8: Tikal National Park Birding Tour

An early birding trip in Tikal National Park starts the day, exploring ancient monuments and diverse bird species. After lunch, continue visiting different park areas for more tropical birdwatching—dinner and overnight at Tikal Park.

Day 9: Departure

An early transfer to Mundo Maya International Airport for a flight to Belize International Airport marks the end of your Belize Birding Expedition.

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