Belize & Guatemala Lowlands Birding Tour” presents a fully customizable 9-day adventure tailored to your preferences. This immersive birding journey takes you through Belize’s tropical marvels, including the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Lamanai Reserve, Hidden Valley & Mountain, Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, and Caracol Archaeological Reserve, culminating with a visit to Guatemala’s Tikal National Park. Alongside encountering diverse neotropical bird species, you’ll delve into the local cuisine, culture, and rich Maya history, visiting unique archaeological sites recognized as World Heritage Destinations by UNESCO.


9 Days, 8 Nights

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Minimum 2 people



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Standard to Luxury

You will Visit:

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary: A Birder's Haven

At Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, we witness migratory birds converge on the lagoons during the wet season, making it a crucial site for both mobile and non-migratory birds. Celebrated as Belize’s first Ramsar site in 1998, it’s a paradise for bird enthusiasts.

Here, you can spot the Bare-throated Tiger-Heron, Sungrebe, Jabiru, Wood Storks, Black-collared Hawk, and the American Pygmy Kingfisher. The diverse habitats, including pine and hardwood forests, are home to the endangered Yellow-headed Parrot and numerous other species.

Lamanai Reserve: Birdwatching Bliss

The Lamanai Reserve, nestled along the New River lagoon, boasts 400 bird species within a 3-mile radius. Its varied habitats, from wetlands to broadleaf forests, make it an ideal birding spot.

Our unique Spotlight Safari offers up-close encounters with elusive species like the Yucatan Nightjar, Northern Potoo, and the Agami Heron. This reserve is a treasure trove of avian diversity.

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch & Botanical Collection: A Birding Jewel

At Green Hills, discover more than just butterflies and their food plants. The ranch’s 100 acres are a biodiverse haven, attracting numerous bird species, including at least 15 hummingbird species. Visitors often find themselves enchanted by these birds, with 11 species regularly visiting the feeders.

Hidden Valley & Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

This reserve is a prime spot to see the Orange-breasted Falcon, among other unique species. It’s a birdwatcher’s dream, offering sightings of the Red Crossbill, Eastern Bluebird, and many more. The diverse bird population here is truly exceptional.

Caracol Archaeological Reserve: A Birding and Historical Adventure

The Caracol Archaeological Reserve, near Belize’s most extensive Mayan ruins, is a haven for birds like the Keel-billed Motmot and Great Curassows. Its historical significance adds to the allure of this birding destination.

Tikal National Park: A Birdwatching World Heritage Site

In Guatemala, the renowned Tikal National Park is a birding paradise with over 400 recorded species. This World Heritage Site, with its lush forests and ancient temples, offers a mystical birdwatching experience. Rare species like the orange-breasted falcon find sanctuary here, making Tikal a significant birding area in Central America.

Join us on this unforgettable “Belize & Guatemala Lowlands Birding Tour” and immerse yourself in the beauty of Central America’s birdlife!

Itinerary of the trip

Here, we show you a 100% customizable 9-day trip idea.
Our Belize birding tour will take you through fantastic tropical destinations in Belize, such as Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Lamanai Reserve, Hidden Valley & Mountain, Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Caracol Archaeological Reserve, and Tikal National Park in Guatemala.

Besides the neotropical bird species, you will discover local cuisine, culture, and Maya history. You will visit unique archaeological sites declared as World Heritage Destinations by UNESCO.
We will visit

Day 1: Welcome to Belize

Upon arrival at Philip Goldson International Airport, our warm-hearted representative will greet you and escort you to Bird’s Eye View Lodge. Settle into your room and prepare for an afternoon of birdwatching near the lodge. Your day concludes with a delightful dinner and a restful night at Bird’s Eye View Lodge.

Day 2: Crooked Tree Sanctuary & Lamanai Exploration

Rise early for a mesmerizing sunrise lagoon boat tour at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, a premier birdwatching hotspot. Experience the thrill of our Birding Boat Trip, navigating diverse waterways and spotting magnificent birds like the Agami Heron, Roseate Spoonbill, and the majestic Jabiru Stork. After a hearty late breakfast, we’ll transfer to Lamanai Outpost Lodge. Spend your afternoon birding around the lodge, followed by dinner and an overnight stay at Lamanai.

Day 3: Mystical Lamanai and its Avian Wonders

Post-breakfast, delve into the ancient Lamanai Ruins, surrounded by a lush jungle teeming with birds and wildlife. Lamanai, a significant Mayan ceremonial center, doubles as a birding paradise, home to species like the Black-faced Ant-thrush and Keel-billed Toucan. Enjoy lunch and an afternoon birding tour along Lamanai trails, followed by dinner and an overnight excursion at Lamanai Outpost Lodge.

Day 4: Hidden Valley's Hummingbird Haven

Embark on an early birding tour at Lamanai, then journey to Hidden Valley, visiting the enchanting Green Hills Butterfly Ranch. Marvel at the hummingbirds, including the White-necked Jacobin and Violet Sabrewing, offering fantastic photo opportunities. After checking in, enjoy an afternoon birding walk, dinner, and overnight stay at Hidden Valley Inn.

Day 5: Raptor Quest in Western Belize

Start your day with early coffee and birdwatching at the feeder, spotting species like the Yellow-tailed Oriole and Clay-colored Thrush. Post-breakfast, venture into the Western Belize Mountains, seeking raptors like the Orange Breasted Falcon. Explore different trails and habitats in the afternoon, discovering birds like the Dusky-capped Flycatcher. Enjoy dinner and a nocturnal adventure-seeking Stygian Owls. Overnight at Hidden Valley Inn.

Day 6: Caracol's Ancient Wonders and Avian Delights

An early start takes you to the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the ancient Mayan City of Caracol, a haven for birds like the keel-billed Motmot and Lineated Woodpecker. Enjoy birdwatching en route and dinner back at Hidden Valley Inn.

Day 7: Tikal National Park's Sunset Birding

After breakfast, transfer to Tikal National Park, with birdwatching stops along the way. Check-in at the lodge and a sunset birding tour in the park, seeking species like the Orange-breasted Falcon and Ruddy Crake. Dinner and overnight stay at Tikal.

Day 8: Tikal's Birding Extravaganza

Embark on an early birding trip in Tikal National Park, a biodiverse hotspot. Discover species like the Ocellated Turkey and Great Curassow amidst ancient monuments. After lunch, continue exploring the park for more tropical bird species. Dinner and overnight stay at Tikal Park.

Day 9: Farewell Belize

Depart early for Mundo Maya International Airport, connecting to Belize International Airport, as you carry home memories of a lifetime from the Belize and Guatemala Lowlands Birding Tour.

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