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Belize District

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Belize District

The Belize District is a fairly large section of the country with the Caribbean Sea extending along the Eastern side of the district. It borders the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts to the North and West, with Cayo District to the Southwest. Stan Creek District lies south of this district. Although it is the most densely populated district, there are several great birding areas where little birding is done. The 5 major and generalized habitats found in this district are:

  1. Coastal Savannah
  2. Wetland
  3. Riparian and Lowland moist Broadleaf Forest
  4. Mangrove and Littoral Forest
  5. Urban settlements and Coastline

The larger urban settlements in the Belize District are:

  1. Belize City
  2. Mahogany Heights
  3. Hattieville
  4. La Democracia
  5. Bermudian Landing

Top 10 Birding Destinations in Belize District

  1. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Altun Ha
  3. Belize City coastline
  4. Coastal Road
  5. Salt Creek Road
  6. Community Baboon Sanctuary
  7. Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Centre
  8. Runaway Creek Forest Reserve
  9. Belize River
  10. Gales Point

Belize District Hotel/Lodge List

  1. Bird’s Eye View Lodge
  2. Crooked Tree Lodge
  3. Maruba Resort & Spa
  4. Savannah Guest House
  5. Raddison Fort George Hotel
  6. Princess Hotel
A total of 430 bird species have been reported for the entire district from all the above habitats and locations. The top District specialties include:

  1. Jabiru Stork
  2. Roseate Spoonbill
  3. Agami Heron
  4. Black-collared Hawk
  5. Snail Kite
  6. Sungrebe
  7. Caspian Tern
  8. Common Black-Hawk
  9. Fulvous Whistling Duck
  10. Black Tern
  11. Purple Galinulle
  12. Gull-billed Tern